Portrait Photography

While primarily a landscape photographer, I use my eye for composition along with natural and artificial light to create dramatic and unique portraits. I like to incorporate beautiful settings into my portrait shots, which are easy to find around Lake Tahoe!

Event/Wedding Photography

I aim to provide you with photos that preserve the feel of the event, along with the personalities attending and the intricacies that went into its preparation. I notice the little things and special moments, and want to capture them in the best light.

Real Estate Photography

Real estate shoots are about paying attention to both the big picture and the details. Time of day, lens selection, lighting, white balance, straight line preservation, and a balanced composition are all important factors that I have dialed through extensive experience in capturing and editing real estate photos.

Landscape Photography

My roots are in landscape photography, and my work has been evolving since I first started taking pictures as a young kid. It’s a tricky nut to crack, and involves a lot of attention to detail. I’m what you might call a “pixel-peeper”, the intricate parts of the photo matter to me. My passion for landscape photography has brought me to some magnificent places.